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CROATIA – Country with over a thousand islands, crystal clear water and rocky beaches, these are just some of the words we can use to describe Croatia. It is visited annually by over 18 million tourists.
As a member of the European Union since 2013, Croatia is for sure a safe country for living and investing.

Aerial view of the Cathedral in Zagreb at sunrise. Croatia

Croatia - LLC

Forming an LLC in Croatia gives you new opportunities that can be more beneficial than expected.

It opens up a way for you to enter the Croatian market as well as the European Union market, also, in addition to the newly opened company, a bank account in a Croatian bank will allow you to perform international transactions in a quick and easy way.

In order to form a company, next process needs to be done:

  • issuing the shareholders personal identification numbers at Tax Authorities
  • drafting the incorporation act
  • notarizing the incorporation documentation
  • registering the company with the court registry
  • opening the bank account
  • obtaining the stamp
  • registering the company with the State Institute for Statistics and Registry of Ultimate Beneficial Ownership
  • cooperation with bookkeeping service re obligatory initial registration of the company with the tax authorities and other state bodies

LLC formation in Croatia

Since the process isn’t so complicated LLC formation in Croatia takes only 7-10 days from the date when incorporation documentation is notarized at notary public in Croatia.

Shere capital amount is approximately 2700 euros (HRK 20 000.00)

¼ needs to be obligatory paid before the incorporation, while the rest can be paid within 1 year provided that the shareholder(s) filed the appropriate security instrument with the Court Registry (most commonly the promissory note).

Documents that are required

  • certified copies of ID card and/or passport of shareholders and directors.
  • official excerpt from the Court Registry or other competent registry.
  • certified copy of Incorporation Act/ Articles of Association.
  • detailed POA for each activity in front of state bodies and/or for each statement/application that the proxy will file on behalf of the client.
  • the documentation needs to be in sufficient number of certified copies and translated into Croatian by an authorized witness expert; certified copies and translations can be done both in Croatia or any other country.


No, with the power of attorney we can do it remotely.

Client needs to have a bookkeeping service from the first day.

Yes, in order to form an LLC, Branch, or simplified LLC, registered business address is required.

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