North Macedonia - Non-resident bank account

NORTH MACEDONIA – mountainous country, located in the heart of the Balkans. Rich in history and also in cultural heritage, it is a country well worth visiting. It still preserves untouched nature and offers beautiful views from the mountain tops. It strives to attract as much investment as possible, and as such provides favorable laws for foreigners who want to live in it.

North Macedonia Bank Account

Non-resident bank account - North Macedonia

Non-residents are drastically limited with the types of accounts and services they can get access to.

Luckily banking in North Macedonia is a new alternative that can be attractive both for corporate and private individuals.

Bank account in North Macedonia offers tax advantages, access to international markets and currencies. It enables international transactions, as well as access to investment products and asset management.

What problem is non-resident bank account solving?

  • If you come from a country with restrictions on international transfers
  • If you cannot operate in a foreign currency from your country
  • If your country does not have a local reliable banking system

Non-resident bank account can also be important:

  • If you visit the North Macedonia often and you want to reduce bank and card fees when spending in the country.
  • If you often receive payments from North Macedonian companies
  • If you plan to buy real estate or do other types of investments in the country.

Currencies available are: MKD, EUR, USD, GBP, AUD, SEK, CHF

In addition to North Macedonian banks you can chose banks from Switzerland, Turkey, Austria, France and other countries that have developed banking network. 

Online banking is available in both Macedonian and English language.  Customers can manage accounts and transfer money on fast and easy way.

As a non-Macedonian resident, the conditions for opening a bank account are very easy, there is no need for minimum deposit like it is often being required in some European countries.

You must be present when opening bank account, and during that process we will assist you, so the whole process can be done as fast as possible. 

Corporate non-resident bank account

Unlike banks in other countries, North Macedonia is very lenient in terms of opening non-resident bank accounts even for countries that are not in a good situation in terms of banking solutions worldwide. This is especially important for companies from some offshore zones. North Macedonia didn’t sign CRS so you will have full privacy during transactions.

Only basic documents are required for corporate bank account of which main ones are:

  • Passport or ID card of director/shareholder
  • Company certificates
  • Completed application for bank account opening

Banks in North Macedonian require presence during the process of opening an account. Bank account holder would typically be required to sign the application documents.

Luckily whole process can be done in couple of days.

First we collect the documents, submit them and then it’s up to bank to do its job and open a bank account.

Because 95% of all clients have successfully managed to open a non-resident bank account you can be sure that your investment has almost no risk.

If you are interested fell free to contact us.

We will help you throughout the entire process, and make sure that everything goes in the best possible order.


A non-resident bank account is a bank account that is opened outside of your home country. This type of account is often used to protect and secure you assets and take advantage of the tax benefits when making international transactions.

The account opening process in North Macedonia varies greatly from bank to bank and depends on the respective business model and background of the customer. In general, a bank account can be opened within a week.

North Macedonia is European country that has small but stable economy and enables access to international markets.

No, North Macedonian banks require presence during the process of opening.

If a card is lost or stolen, the branch of the bank where the account was opened must be called as soon as possible to cancel the card. You can always rely on our help if that happens to you in future.

Bank statements are listing of the latest transactions and withdrawals. Alternatively, online banking is an easy and convenient way of keeping an eye on incomings and outgoings but customer can also request to receive statements by post (which may take a while to arrive) or by email. They can be printed out at an ATM, for which there may be only a minimal charge.

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