SERBIA – European country which has a fast-growing economy and very good laws for foreigners who intend to live in it. Serbia is not in the EU, but that is why it offers a large number of benefits for those who whant to open a company or become residents of this country.

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Entrepreneurship is the form of a company that one physical person is registering in order to perform business activity to make profit.

Among all other company forms, entrepreneurship is one that is most easy to set up.

The only document that you need in order to register entrepreneurship is copy of your passport.

Also, setting up this form of the company can be done remotely with the limited Power of Attorney.

For entrepreneur, opening bank account is necessary, but it’s also easy and fast because banks are always willing to open bank accounts for entrepreneurs.

Among the banks in Serbia, you can choose Western European, Turkish, Russian and domestic banks and decide which one you want.


Entrepreneur is allowed to be lump-sum if the annual turnover is lower than 51.000 EUR.

You need to pay 10% tax for entrepreneurs if you have personal income higher than 19.000 EUR. That tax is calculated on the amount between income and expenses. If the amount of income is higher than 35.000 EUR you must pay 15% income tax.

Social contributions don’t need to be paid if the entrepreneur is paying himself personal salary.

Whole process can be done within 7 days but keep in mind that because of the anti-Covid measures, this process can last couple of days more than usual.

Documents that are needed:

  • Passport copy of shareholder/director
  • Prof of address
  • POA in case of remote service
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Yes, entrepreneurship is considered as a company form and on that basis, you can obtain residency.

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