Serbia-Residency by company formation

SERBIA – European country which has a fast-growing economy and very good laws for foreigners who intend to live in it. Serbia is not in the EU, but that is why it offers a large number of benefits for those who whant to open a company or become residents of this country.

Residency by company formation

Serbia-Residency by company formation

Nationals from certain countries can freely enter Serbia for short stays of up to 90 days in a period of 6 months,  and for that visa is not required.

However, when it comes to stays that are longer than  180 days per year, everyone, regardless of nationality, has to obtain a Serbia residence permit.

Serbian Temporary Residence Permit is the document, issued to non-citizens who wish to have the opportunity to immigrate, live and work in Serbia during the entire time of the document validity, which is issued for 12 months.

After forming LLC or Entrepreneurship, as a director/shareholder you are allowed to apply for residency by company formation and on that basis, become a resident of Serbia.

Opening a company and applying for residency

In order to apply for residency, first you must appoint yourself as a director of a company and with our help open a corporate bank account.  With the Power of Attorney this part of process can be done remotely.

After that you should submit documentation for residency. It takes couple of days and in that period of time you must be present when applying.

This is the process shortly described

  • Preparation and notarization of documents
  • Assistance when opening personal and corporate bank account
  • Company registration in the Business Registry Agency 
  • Assistance in filing for special Statement on balance on the personal account for the purposes of residency permit
  • Assistance in the procedure of acquiring residence permit

Upon approval, you’ll receive your temporary residency permit. This grants you the ability to live abroad in Serbia for up to one year.

A temporary residence permit may be renewed annually if there are legal grounds for this if not, you can not renew it next year. Keep in mind that you need to maintain a company after forming it, and the cost of that is about 350 euros per month.

If you do not want to be a resident of Serbia, you can close the company and thus reduce costs.

Documents that are needed

  • Business registry extract
  • Bank statement for corporate bank account
  • Prof of funds on personal account (bank statement)
  • Health insurance
  • White card
  • Lease agreement
  • Office address agreement
  • Passport copy
  • Short biography and business plan
  • Proof of address of shareholder/director


The difference is in maintaining those legal entities but for getting the residency both options are convenient.

This is not recommended since the business is basis for getting residency so once the company is closed you should inform the police department.

Official requirement is 6 months but in case of having good reason to stay abroad fewer days can be accepted.

In case of applying for the residency, it is required to be employed/self-employed? 

With the power of attorney it is possible to open LLC remotely.

Our principles of work

Information handling requires a responsible approach, so we always inform you in advance about the upcoming steps and documentation that is required, so you can plan your schedule and enjoy your time.
After the job is done, we don’t turn our backs on you and we don’t charge premium for further consultations.
Even for everyday challenges you stumble on in Serbia you can always ask us for advice and we will be happy to assist.

Wish you luck and achievement of future plans! See you in Serbia!

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