Simplified Limited Liability Company - Croatia

CROATIA – Country with over a thousand islands, crystal clear water and rocky beaches, these are just some of the words we can use to describe Croatia. It is visited annually by over 18 million tourists.
As a member of the European Union since 2013, Croatia is for sure a safe country for living and investing.

Port of Rovinj Croatia

Croatia - Simplified Limited Liability Company

This company form is made to encourage entrepreneurship by significantly decreasing the share capital.

The amount of share capital that is needed in order to form a company is only EUR 1,30 (HRK 10,00)

Shareholders are obliged to create financial reservations in the amount of 25% of the achieved profit and use it in order to convert the company into ordinary Llc and/or for covering the losses

The procedure and documentation for incorporation of this entity is similar/same as incorporation of ordinary LLC., but the costs of incorporation are significantly decreased

This form is widely recognized amongst new entrepreneurs and start-ups, however, not widely recognized amongst the companies with firmly established brands.


Timeframe that is needed is same. But keep in note that because of the anti covid measures, time that is required may take couple of days more than before.

Whole process is same, only difference is that share capital that is required is much lower.

No, with the power of Attorney, we can do it remotely.

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