Cost of living in Montenegro

Cost of living in Montenegro

You have probably seen how beautiful Montenegro is. Now you are in a situation where you are planning to stay in this country for a longer period.
This decision raises many questions such as how high are utilities, prices in restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and so on.

Apartment cost

Finding an apartment is the biggest task, especially in the summer.
Montenegro is a tourist country and most landlords are interested in renting their apartments to tourists. Due to this approach, it is hard to find an apartment where you can live for a couple of years. Therefore, be prepared to spend some time on social networks looking for an apartment, which will have an okay price.

Depending on the city, the price of the apartment is 200-300 euros per month.

Monthly utilities such as water, electricity, and internet together will be around 60 euros a month.

Prices of drinks and fast food

These prices depend on the location, but they are usually like this:

Coffee 2 euros
Beer 1.2 euros
Water 1 euro

The price of fast food is from 2 euros and up.
There are fast food shops on almost every corner so you will easily come across one of these if you are hungry.

Grocery prices

When it comes to groceries, their prices jump when the tourist season is underway and their prices are:

Bread – 0.5 euros
Milk – 1 euro
Pasta – 1 euro package
Coffee – 5 euros / 0.5 kg
Tea – 2 euros
Chicken – 3.5 euros / kg
Fish – 8 euros
Yogurt – 1 euro
Canned beer – from 0.6 euros


Tomato 0.5 euros / kg
Cucumbers 0.5 / kg
Carrots – 0.8 / kg
Potatoes – 0.3 / kg


The starting price of a taxi is 1 euro and each additional kilometer costs 0.5 – 1 euro

Of course, if you are in Montenegro for a long time, you will slowly understand where the prices are cheaper and learn to avoid overpriced tourist places if your goal is to save money.

Initially, you will pay a tourist tax of 1 euro per day, so it is important to avoid additional costs and become a resident plus you can be in Montenegro for a whole year.
You can become a resident of Montenegro in two ways, by starting a company or buying real estate.
You can find out more on:

There are many more costs that we have not listed but this will help you get a better picture of the expenses in Montenegro and see the price difference between Montenegro and your home country.

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