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One of the biggest problems for expats is how to get a job in the desired country.

The most common cause of this problem is poor knowledge of a foreign language.

But if you overcome this, you can get more benefits than you can expect. 

Most expats come from distant countries and that is what helps you succeed in starting your own business.

There are big differences in cultures and lifestyles that you can take advantage of.

Ask yourself first what is available in your home country but it’s not available in the country where you are now. This is the easiest way to find a hole in the market and succeed.

It is not so easy to open a new business, so here are a few things you need to think about before you start.

First, you need to think of regulations such as taxation, labor law, visa and immigration law, trade regulations, and so on.

Political instability can have severe consequences for businesses and their owners, especially for foreign businesses. Your investment will be much safer if you choose a country with a record of being politically stable. 

As we said local culture can have a massive impact on business, especially in countries that have strong cultural traditions that differ substantially from your home country. It is important to properly understand the local culture and respect it, so that way you can take advantage of it instead of losing the game.

Also, you will need to carefully study the market to determine whether your business can be successful. This involves analyzing local consumer habits and tastes, planning how your products or services will be marketed, and the costs involved.

Keep in mind that a business that thrives in your country doesn’t mean it will thrive here as well. There are big differences in standards and other factors that affect sales.

Don’t forget to make sure that you have the adequate startup capital to cover any shortfalls during the early days of starting your new business, and consider any additional costs on which you can stumble on when starting a business in a foreign country.

In many countries, having a registered agent is a basic requirement in order to incorporate a company, there are very real benefits to hiring a good local agent beyond simply fulfilling the incorporation requirements.

The best type of agent is an attorney with a solid knowledge of local regulations, who can help avoid downtime and be there to help whenever it’s needed. They can help take care of many of the important administrative tasks, and offer advice based on their unique understanding of the local environment.

Incorporating a company, 

You want this part of the job to be done quickly and efficiently as possible.

No one wants to spend a couple of months just incorporating a company while daily expenses pile up.

The chosen agent needs to know his part of the job in advance and to be experienced.

It would be desirable that later on, after the establishment of the company, the same agent performs other legal tasks.

Unfortunately, most lawyers only want short-term jobs and it is difficult to get them to help you in the long run.

Therefore, it is important that when choosing a lawyer, you choose the one who is willing to cooperate.

Because of that Balkan Advisor is made up not only of lawyers but also of consultants who are there to provide assistance whenever needed and thus enable the smooth functioning of your company.

If you ever want to establish a company in the Balkans, it will be our pleasure to provide free consultations and quality service.


Careful planning and consideration of key points can give you and your business a much greater chance of success. 

Pay attention to the missing puzzle and hole in the market, so you will succeed more easily but also count on a much more complicated start than in your home country.

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