Is an accountant necessary for business in Serbia

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This is a weary often question that comes to our minds when we are calculating costs and making plans for our new business.

The role of the accountant is to cover a wide range of finance-related tasks.

Companies use accounting to report, track and predict financial transactions.

Accounting creates a fiscal history for any company and by doing that it looks and caresses for company good.

Because of this, Serbia says that every LLC (D.O.O.) needs to have its accountant, but an entrepreneur doesn’t need to have it since it often has smaller and easier transaction records.

How much accountant charge in Serbia?


In most cases prices are next:

Companies that have a minimum number of transactions, pay 50 euros per month.

Companies with an average number of transactions pay up to 100 euros per month.

Larger companies with a great number of transactions pay 250 Euros and higher.

It is true that for a small company it’s not easy to pay an accountant every month. 

Their prices can weary depending on the market where they are placed.

If you are a foreigner and you plan to step into the unknown and form entrepreneurship in Serbia, it is not necessary but is highly preferred to have an accountant. 

Better to pay the accountant and be sure that the company is going in the right way than to do business illegally and avoid taxes without knowing it. Later on, this can have great consequences and you can get in depth and pay fines.

Balkan Advisor provides you with complete assistance when it comes to opening a company, finding an accountant, and the appropriate office space for your future company.

You can always contact us. We will be happy to assist you in this process

You can also read more information related to opening a company in Serbia on our webpage

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