Top 5 places to live in Croatia

Top 5 places to live in Croatia

For those who are not sure where it is best to live in Croatia, here are some of our suggestions that will help you choose.

1. Split

Split deserved the first place on our list primarily because it is the largest city on the coast and offers the best opportunities for those who want urban life by the sea. It has a combination of old and new and its history goes back hundreds of years back. In the city squares you can meet a large number of foreigners even when it is not the time of the tourist season.

For those who are counting on nightlife, they will surely find it here. Hundreds of cafes, restaurants and clubs are open during the summer season and they give this city a special summer vibe that feels better here than anywhere else in Croatia.


2. Zagreb

Zagreb is the capital city. Ranks second on our list due to its size and unchanged way of life throughout the year. Except in larger coastal towns, during the winter season, the reduced number of tourists affects the overall way of life and appearance of the place itself. Zagreb is an exception and throughout the year, it remains almost the same, so there are not too many price changes and difficulties in finding apartments.


3. Samobor

Samobor is the right place for those who want a balance between urban life and nature. On one side is Zagreb which is 30 kilometers away; while on the other side there is a national park which is ideal for recreation.


4. Dubrovnik

There is no doubt that Dubrovnik is the most beautiful city not only in Croatia but also on the entire Adriatic coast. It has been protected by UNESCO for some time. A quiet place, walls of the old town and the crystal clear water best describe Dubrovnik as we know it today.


5. Brac

The island of Brac is known for its clear water. This is one of the most suitable places for rest and relaxation. If you decide to live here, this place will serve as a complete cure for stress and help you get a completely different pace of life.

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