Why you should live in Montenegro

City Perast Montenegro

Montenegro is a country with the very fast development of tourism. It has a large number of places that tourists who come for a few days are not able to experience.
However, if you are an expat, you will have enough reasons to stay here for a longer period.

Here are some of them

Hot sunny weather and beautiful beaches

Montenegro has a hot climate in the summer, it is hot but not humid and it’s generally sunny every day.
There are a lot of small rocky beaches on which you can be alone and relax by the sea. It is a great place to scuba dive. Everyday sea reveals a lot of new ways to have fun and explore.

People are really helpful and friendly

The Montenegrin people are some of the friendliest and most helpful people you are ever going to meet. Montenegrins have that deeply rooted in their culture and tradition, so you can be sure that you are going to be hosted well.

It’s a fairly cheap place to live

In the beginning, you can find small apartment to rent from 250$ per month.  There are more not so urban places in which you can find apartments to rent for even less price, especially in the winter months. Three-course meals are going to cost less than 10$ which is fairly good.

The food is great

Ingredients for standard food in Montenegro can be found on the local market. Everything is fresh and tasty mainly because there is no GMO food in Montenegro. Much of the food comes from the sea and untouched mountain tops. There you can find some of the best meat and cheese in the world.

You are exposed to new cultures and sights

This is the main thing that you definitely can’t get at home.

Montenegro has its unique vibe that it is similar to other Mediterranean countries, but it is for sure different from neighboring Croatia and Albania.

All of that information is from first hand and we hope that this is going to help you out when it comes to deciding whether Montenegro is the next place to settle.

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